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I'm a lifelong culture-hacker and spiritual activist,
raised in a meditation household
and super-inspired by punk/DIY culture!

I've been a schoolteacher, journalist, caregiver 
and ran for office as a Green Party candidate -
All in my quest to create a sustainable world.
Why? Because...

My idealistic "ex-hippie" teachers while growing up kept telling us that
WE are the creators of our world,
and that this strange and complicated planetary situation we're in
 is not a "done deal" at all - but actually a world in transition.

I share how this very special evolution works in my live presentation,
Creating the World We Want to See: How SHIFT HAPPENS!
(Invite me to your classroom, church, meetup or workplace!)

My own path of awakening began around age 7,
when I had a series of vivid dreams about attending an
"Angel School" with my friends.

To my surprise, our unusual teachers weren't discussing how to be more religious,
but rather, how to protect and honor the Earth!

Centuries of bold planetary thinkers have shown us
that we are all participating
in a shared global art project,
to create a world that works for everyone.
I KNOW that we are building a new global society,
centered in the Heart
- and that we WILL be successful.
The turmoil, the struggles, the breakthroughs - it's all in Nature's plan!

Meet Team Captain, Adrienne Prince
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Students, Activists - Dare to Play Full-Out!
Activate Your Mission: Claim and Anchor
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We're building Earth's new Heart-Based
operating system
. Here's how it works:
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I invite you to entertain the idea that our world is run by a powerful top-secret society. . . and that this group is you and your friends. -Robert Anton Wilson
Don't let the bad guys get you down:
We really DO have the power! 
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